Duck & Waffle



Duck & Waffle's intuitive control systems and Audio/Visual infrastructure were masterfully combined by the team at KNEKTD, with no detail overlooked.

Two huge cylindrical columns dominate the main dining space, wrapped in LED panels and essentially serving as 360° floor-to-ceiling video screens — capable of displaying practically any kind of content in high resolution.

A DJ facility utilises the intuitive interface and extensive range of effects of Resolume VJ software, allowing the DJ to seamlessly mix videos, images, and graphics, transforming the LED wall columns into dynamic visual canvases that mesmerise and engage the audience.

The main 70m sq metre dining area benefits from strategically placed pendant speakers, delivering crystal-clear audio across a wide frequency range, with bass and sub-bass frequencies provided by bandpass subwoofers concealed within the banquette seating. The pendant design allows the speakers to be positioned precisely where needed and blend discreetly into the environment.

Whether it's the soft melodies of a live pianist or the vibrant beats of a DJ, the speakers envelop guests with accurate sound coverage, enhancing their culinary journey and creating an ambience that heightens the overall dining experience.

The success of KNEKTD's installation lies not only in the cutting-edge technology but also in the seamless integration of the intuitive control system from Crestron. KNEKTD's team of experts meticulously engineered the audio-visual infrastructure to ensure smooth operation and user-friendly control.